Tattoos: Great or Gross?

Lena Dunham Tatoo


It seems more and more people (young people especially) are getting tattoos in visible places, this made me decide to do a post about tattoos. If you disagree (or agree with our opinions on tattoos please let us know in the comments section below.

Bishop’s Opinion:

I already know I’m going to get a fair bit of push-back on my opinion of tattoos, like I said… Tattoos seem to have made a resurgence among the younger crowd, the reason for this I’m not sure. I chose this topic because (as shallow as it sounds) I was standing behind a lady in line at the Dunkin’ Donuts near my office who was wearing some kind of backless shirt (not even sure how that’s work attire to begin with but…) and she had this huge tattoo across her back and it looked – for lack of a better word – gross. Many people at my office (both men and women) have tattoos in visible places, they don’t mean anything and they don’t even have a good story; these people just chose to have meaningless tattoos placed on a visible part of their body (In my office it’s collar-bone, neck, arms and ankles primarily).

I remember a time when having a visible tattoo would lessen your chances for employment, I suppose if you work in an office and rarely see outside customers there isn’t a reason for not being hired, but I’ll tell you something… I’ve never seen an executive with a visible tattoo…

You may think I’m coming out entirely against tattoos, I’m actually not against tattoos. If something meaningful compels you to get a tattoo -for instance, say you were in the military and got your military squad tattooed on your arm or you’re paying homage to a dear loved one who’s past away. Those are valid reasons and I would always respect tattoos based on that, if I were part of something I cared deeply about and the protocol was to get a tattoo I would definitely join in. It’s the people that get tattoos because they’re idiots and got drunk one night and decided to get a tattoo on their wrist or neck that I’m writing this about. Nobody cares if you like the ocean, the sun, some random flower… It just makes you look trashy with less respect for yourself (in my OPINION). If I have to hear another force fed line of hipster bullshit to defend someone’s tattoo I just might slap you.

Pointless Tattoos that aren’t visible in daily life are a waste of money in my opinion but also not as bad as ones you showcase to the world.

Enjoy your tattoo when you’re saggy and old, good luck explaining what it used to look like.                        

face tattoo 1Cleetus’ Opinion:

Tattoo’s have become a common practice in today’s society. More and more people are getting inked up and it’s not necessarily that I can’t stand tattoo’s. But, look, getting your boyfriend’s name tattooed are your leg is the dumbest shit you can do. Relationships often times fail and just because you’ve got your “bae” tattooed on your leg doesn’t mean that things will last forever. Now, as for the workplace, I think it depends on what you do for an occupation in regards to whether or not your tattoo matters. I’ve seen a lot of mechanics with plenty of ink and it doesn’t deter me from going to them to get my car fixed. I’ve even seen people who work at Walgreens with sleeves.

What I don’t understand though are the number of women who find it so “hot”. He may not have a career. He may not work any job that pays taxes (selling drugs). But he does believe in YOLO and that will always be tattooed on the front of his neck! You know, when my father graduated from law school, you know how he got jobs at law-firms? It wasn’t because he had great scores on his LSAT’s. It wasn’t because he graduated Magna Cum Laude. It was because he walked into those interviews and said, “I’ve got swag and I believe in YOLO”. And that’s what every partner attorney wants to hear from associate attorneys!

Now, there’s many women out there who find the tattooed white dude trying to pull of the Eminem look as sexy. I’ve even seen women breed with these neo-nazis! And the three months out of the year that their baby daddy isn’t in prison are the happiest moments of their young family’s life. And when their child grows older and asks how did you and daddy meet, you tell them that sparks flew in the bathroom at a Wendy’s restaurant. “Marvin, mommy and daddy met at the corner of an alley that mommy works on the weekends to pay rent. Daddy was a ghetto pharmacist who distributed drugs to people who were in need of their medication and syringes”. Nothing says father figure like a man willing to risk going to prison for violating his parole to distribute drugs to people living in the projects. That’s the kind of commitment that children need to see in their parents!

Bottom Line:

Tattoo’s are fine with me depending on what they are. Personally, I think women have an easier time getting jobs with tattoos. Lots of girls have small tattoos on their ankles and wrists. But I think you’ve gotta be careful where you draw the line. Getting “street cred” tattooed on your forearm is probably not going to help you get a career. Just be careful where you get them cause you don’t know who your are gonna piss off.