11 Year Old Kills 16 Year Old Home Invader

11 Year Old Kills 16 Year Old Home Invader


In recent news, an 11 year old kid who was home alone with his 4 year old sister used his mother’s handgun to shoot and kill 1 of two home invaders. The second suspect fled the scene but has since been apprehended.

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Bishop’s Reaction

My first thoughts when it comes to this situation are thank god those two kids home alone are safe and were unharmed, my near immediately second thought on this is: why was this 11 year old and his 4 year old sister left home alone… And with easy access to a loaded firearm?

I am a strong supporter of the Second Amendment, I believe we need to be able to protect ourselves from threats of other civilians, as well as threats of a tyrannical government. The police are a wonderful and needed resource, but you know what they say “when seconds count the police are only minutes away”, it’s a sad fact of life but if you have no way to defend yourself the best the police can do is catch the criminal after they’ve committed the crime, if you’re the victim that’s not such a good thing. With that in mind I think it’s excellent that this situation unfolded the way it did. Call me any names you’d like but I believe that if you’re a criminal you should be willing to meet your maker. I don’t care if the crime you commit is violent in nature or not, if you break the law you should expect any possible outcome including death – it’s the same reason I don’t take much issue with most of the recent police killings. Nearly all of the “victims” of the police killings were criminals, they did something that was against the law and then they resisted arrest. That might seem a bit off topic but it falls in line with this situation because we don’t know if the 16 year old burglar planned on hurting anyone, but we do know he was breaking the law. They were trespassing and breaking-and-entering and far as I’m concerned they faced the consequences of their actions, I won’t shed a tear or lose any sleep over that criminal getting killed.

This situation was lucky how it unfolded. The would-be-victims fought back and survived but this could have just as easily turned in to a horrible tragedy. Why on earth was an eleven year old kid left alone with his four year old sister? On top of that, why the hell did they have easy access to a loaded firearm!

Think about the other scenarios that could have unfolded… Perhaps the kid with the gun freezes up or is overpowered by the criminal, what might have not ended with a violent confrontation, now results in an 11 year old and 4 year old being murdered during a burglary. Say there wasn’t a break in, what’s to say that the 11 year old doesn’t decide to play with the gun and accidentally kill himself or his sister? These are just little kids who probably don’t have a full understanding of what it means to take a life, what a fully matured person may think about in the split second before taking a life, a child may not. Even beyond mental weaknesses of a child there are physical weaknesses, I don’t know if you’ve ever fired a gun but anything bigger than a .22 can have some serious kick to it, a child using a gun is just an accident waiting to happen… Properly trained or not.

I don’t agree with the recent trend in our schools today of pretending that guns don’t exist, suspending kindergartners for making guns with their hands or chewing their sandwiches to look like guns… It’s RIDICULOUS, we need to explain to our children the purpose and power of a firearm. They are NOT inherently bad, they are more often than not, used for good. However guns are very powerful tools and in the hands of a bad person they can be used to bring terrible destruction and pain. Boys love playing with fake guns, it’s in our upbringing, they’re loud, they’re cool and every action hero uses them. Trying to prevent boys from being boys is ridiculous and just another step in the wussification of America.


I’m happy with the way this situation played out. If anyone had to be killed the right person got killed this time (the criminal), but I think it is horribly irresponsible to leave your two young children home with easy access to a loaded firearm, if everyone with young kids and firearms did this I’m sure we’d hear of far more tragedies than positive outcomes. You need to be a responsible gun owner, especially if you’re also a parent.