Black and/or Gay James Bond?

Idris Elba As James Bond Black James BondThere’s going to be a new James Bond actor soon and for the first time the illustrious character may be portrayed by a black person. Idris Elba, most known for playing Heimdall in Thor, has been volunteered for the job by his fans, stirring up controversy considering the actor’s race. For the last fifty years, 007 has been portrayed by only white actors. There’s also been consideration that 007 could even be gay in future films and many are calling the changes a positive movement for modern society. Check out our opinions on this below!

Cleetus’ Opinion

First of all, I’d like to point out that I think it’s great that more and more African American actors are becoming leading men in films. However, I can’t quite wrap my head around this one. James Bond in my opinion has always been a suave debonair white English guy. Now, I get that it’s a fictional character, but I think there’s gonna be a Pandora ’s Box opened with this one. People are going to start saying that it’s racist to say that James Bond has to be played by a white guy. They’re gonna say its discrimination and cannot be tolerated. But, look at it this way. You can’t have a white guy portray President Obama because well……..HE’S NOT WHITE! And that’s not discrimination, that’s just a fact! Of course Obama is not a fictional character and I suppose that over the years James Bond is supposed to be a reflection of the current times.


The problem I have with this is that you have to consider how far you take this. Why didn’t they cast an Asian actor to portray Harry Potter? J.K Rowling never specified in her books that Harry was a Caucasian male. She did say he had green eyes, but with so many mixed couples now, it’s not unbelievable for an Asian male to have green eyes. I’ve seen a few light skinned half black men with blue/green eyes. It’s definitely not impossible, just very very rare. So are there going to be people rioting saying that Rowling was a racist to only considering a dark haired white male to portray to role of Harry Potter. Of course he’s English but that doesn’t mean that someone of Asian ancestry can’t be from England.


My point is that I know they’re fictional characters so no one can really say for sure what they should exactly look like. But, let’s just be realistic here! And for the matter of Bond being gay is another thing I have a problem with. James Bond has always been a womanizer, that’s just who he is. He’s been that way for the last fifty years. Gender dysphoria has been as the forefront for society and now people may say why does James Bond have to be played by male who identifies as a male? Why not have a Caitlin Jenner type except a female body who identifies as a male play Bond? I mean I really think that this is going to be a discussion. Can’t we just stick to the values that have always been attributed to the English spy? He’ll always be a fictional character so people will be open to what he’s supposed to look like in films. Daniel Craig had blonde hair while Pierce Brosnan and many other actors had dark hair. Daniel Craig also has blue eyes while Idris Elba has brown eyes. And I get that hair and eye color can be a little different, but skin color? Why stop here? Hair color, eye color, skin color, and perhaps gender identity could all be different in future Bond characters. Let’s just stop this right now please. It’s not discrimination it’s just keeping things realistic. Bond has always been a Caucasian white English heterosexual male and I think he should always be that way!

Bishop’s Opinon

I really like Idris Elba, I think he’s an awesome actor and a very cool guy; However I don’t think he should be the next James Bond. I like characters that remain the same, it’s the same reason I wouldn’t want an American accented actor playing James Bond. Can I also just say, I hate Daniel Craig’s James Bond, the Bond I grew up with and (that most grew up with) was suave and always came out on top. Daniel Craig’s James Bond is rough and stupid and frequently gets worked over… James Bond does NOT get taken advantage of, and oh yea. What happened to the gadgets and the cool cars?

I don’t understand why franchises (or mainly the public) feel the need to change beloved characters in significant ways. They got Johnny Storm to be black in the Fantastic Four (I feel bad for Michael B. Jordan being involved in that shit-show) and for what reason? There was talk of a gay spider man, a female Super Man, etc etc. Please just stop!

Is Hollywood running out of ideas for original characters? We’ve seen the creation of Liam Neeson’s Taken, The Expendables and other original action movies. They can just as easily create one of those with a black lead (Oh wait they already did: Rush Hour, Men in Black, Bad Boys)… The point of it is, stop changing our fucking history! Honestly, Hollywood makes movies for the largest demographic, People pay more to see white, men lead movies than female leads, black leads, or other… Pretty soon you’ll start seeing a lot more Chinese leads I’d bet because they are emerging as a huge market. With regards to sexuality, I don’t really think people are that interested in a gay action hero though, I know I wouldn’t be…