Fantasy Football: Is it worth it?

Fantasy Football

Bishop’s Take

For the first time in six years I am not participating in any NFL Fantasy Football leagues, and you know what? It’s not a bad thing.

In years past I had been all about Fantasy Football, playing in several different leagues, making trades, caring about draft picks, etc., etc. It’s possible I may have even watched the Sunday Morning fantasy football broadcast on ESPN (biggest waste of time imaginable) a couple times. This season however I was too busy to go seek out fantasy football leagues with friends or co-workers and my old leagues from college kind of dissolved. Of course I could have gone and joined a random league but half the fun in fantasy football was talking smack among your friends.

Initially I was bummed to be missing out on Fantasy Football this year but after a couple days of freedom I’m not bummed at all. Everywhere I turn I hear people talking about how their “season” is ruined because a player got hurt, it’s kind of pathetic really… The NFL and ESPN (and Yahoo I guess) love you playing Fantasy Football, it keeps your ass on the couch watching games you don’t care about and it keeps you refreshing your browser (cha-ching!), we waste hours each week tracking stats and picking players to gain most of us nothing (if you’re good or lucky and want to play for real cash then so be it) except the occasional bragging right.

In addition to having much more free time (not free after being filled by other obligations I shouldn’t put off), I’ve saved myself a lot of frustration from losing games for stupid reasons, or being the 2nd highest scoring team that week but still losing to the highest scoring one… Honestly, I feel like Peter Parker when he decided to stop being Spiderman.

I won’t say no to joining a fantasy league next year if I’m asked but I don’t think I’ll seek a league out either, it’s nice to live in the real world for a change, without my weekend spent with a laptop on my lap and ESPN fantasy cast constantly refreshing.


Cleetus’ Take

Ah yes, Fantasy Football. It’s nice to know that you’ve got your priorities in order when all you care about are football stats instead of getting a job. Now, I’m not a hypocrite because there was a time when I cared about Fantasy Football more than anything. But you know what, I don’t care anymore! This year I’ve made it a goal to spend my time doing things worthwhile instead of sitting on the couch looking at a computer screen. I’ve found that by giving up Fantasy Football that I have more time to do other more important things. I mean how important is playing a fake game really? I was a beast at Fantasy and am probably owed around $300 from winnings over the past ten years (nobody pays though, big surprise).

Also, I never found Matthew Berry or anyone else in the media’s predictions to be helpful. Honestly it’s not that hard playing it. It’s all about match ups and finding sleepers. Whenever I wasn’t winning it year after year, the person who was played matchups every weeks. It’s easy too! Just pick players who are playing the Oakland Raiders, guaranteed success! In my opinion, you’re still a kid as long as you play Fantasy Football. Anybody who makes time (to waste time) on fantasy sports is not going anywhere in life.