GOP Candidates Race

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The race to the White House is heating up for the Republicans and after two debates we’re starting to get a clearer picture of who the candidates are and what they’re going to do as President.

Cleetus’ Take

Before I start let me say that I find myself leaning more towards the liberal side on most political issues than to the right; However, I’m not so far to the left that I will absolutely rule out voting for a Republican (not that it matters considering I live in Massachusetts,  so liberal that Mitt Romney didn’t even win our state despite the fact that he was the governor). What I look for in a President is someone who can clearly execute what they’re talking about on their campaign trail. Talk is cheap and there’s only so much money to fix our country’s many problems. The good thing about this country is that a President can only serve a maximum of two terms and then there’s someone brand new. So, you can’t say, “oh fuck, are we really going to have another four years of this shithead?”. With that being said let’s take a look at what the GOP offers for potential Presidents.

Donald Trump has clearly been leading the polls for the entirety of this race, but I think people are starting to take a closer look at his politics rather than his fame. Now, he says that he’s going to build a wall on the border of the United States and Mexico to prevent illegal immigrants from getting into the country. First of all, how the hell is the country going to fund this? It’s a nearly 2,000 mile border that costs about $5 million per mile to secure. So we’re looking at roughly $7 billion to fund the construction and security for a wall. When Trump has been asked how this will is possible and why this is feasible, he has said things like, “well this country spends nearly $200 billion a year on supporting illegal immigrants”. Considering that it will cost at least $100 billion if not $200 billion to deport all illegal immigrants over a two year span, I’m not so sure that is economically feasible. Coming from a self-proclaimed expert business man, even he should know this. Then let’s think of the man power that this undertaking would cost. So, to deport 11 million illegal aliens in about two years means that we would have to deport about 15,000 a day. That’s gonna take a hell of a lot of police force to execute that task. And you better believe that illegal immigrants are not gonna go without a fight.

Now let’s talk about that wall. How many of us have jumped over a fence with a trespassing disclaimer on it? If you really wanna do it, it’s not that hard. I don’t think anyone who thinks about all the opportunities that America provides them is gonna stop short because of a thirty foot wall. Let’s not forget about the topography of the border which is not all flat land. There are lakes and mountains that would make it much harder (and all the more pointless) to build a wall all along the border. So, if you’re gonna put a wall on a mountain how are you gonna secure it? Mountains are pretty fucking big. My point is that no one has ever let a wall prevent them from getting into somewhere. We’ve all hopped a fence to break into an abandoned building before.

What I also have a problem with is Trump’s lack of planning in how to accomplish these tasks. He says things like, “with great people” and then he falls back on the good old, “Look I’m really rich. I’ve been massively successful in my life. Believe me I’m gonna get it done”. That still doesn’t explain how you’re going to accomplish this. Sure, I would like to find a way for there to be less poverty, but it takes more than “great people”. Talk is cheap! Please don’t buy his bullshit.

The man I’m impressed with is Ben Carson. He has presented thorough details into how he’s going to implement his actions.

Bishop’s Take

Unlike Cleetus I would consider myself a conservative or libertarian (I don’t like taxes or unqualified welfare/social assistance programs or abortion but I don’t take issue with gay marriage and I support gun rights), it would take one hell of a good candidate to get me to vote for a democrat (and Bernie Sanders would be the WORST thing to ever happen to this country from within). When Donald Trump announced he was running I said “There is no way he will get any support”, well that changed rather quickly. For nearly his whole time in this race The Donald has been crushing it in the polls, it got me thinking. Maybe this is the way to run a campaign… Election after election we see candidates constantly pandering to the lowest common denominator – Mitt Romney did this extensively – It makes the candidate look weak, like they have no convictions. Donald Trump is approaching this election with a different tactic. His tactic is “say whatever I want and don’t back down”, I LIKE this tactic, finally we seem to get a politician that actually says what he means, like him or not at least you know where he stands.

Ben Carson is (in my opinion) the best candidate for Presidency, he is extremely level headed and very smart. I hope he gets elected but I’m not so sure he has what it takes to win in the political arena right now. After Trump and Carson my next choice would be Rand Paul, he’s a small government guy and all about personal freedoms, he’s got very little chance of winning now but I think he’d be a guy to truly stand up for the people of the USA.

Aside from those three candidates I’m no longer enamored with any of the candidates. I used to like Carly Fiorina based on her past but hearing more and more from her the last couple months I just can’t find her likable, voters won’t vote for someone who isn’t likable. Other than Trump, Carson, Paul and previously Fiorina I never liked any of the republican candidates really. We don’t need another lifelong politician that is so far from reality they have no idea what it means to hold a job. Perhaps this is the reason why I’m so anti-Democrats, pretty much every liberal candidate is a lifelong politician that has done nothing but work to get re-elected.

I will vote for Donald Trump is he is the republican candidate, I will vote for him in the Primary too … Of course, like Cleetus said – living in MA, our votes don’t much matter so I’m actually thinking of becoming an independent so I can vote against Bernie Sanders in the primary. I think that Trump has no reason to run for President except a genuine desire to help our country, he already has vast riches (so he can’t be bought) and plenty of fame. He clearly doesn’t have a plan for everything just yet but candidates rarely know the details of our country’s issues before taking office, at least with Trump we know what he wants to do, I’m sure with the facts and a good cabinet he can accomplish much, I don’t deny that Trump doesn’t have many details on how he plans to make this country great again but I do believe that’s his goal, which is something I can’t say about all the other candidates (except maybe Ben Carson).

What do you think of the current crop of GOP candidates so far?

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