Muslim Kid “Makes” a Clock Look Like a Bomb – Reaction

Muslim kid makes clock

Unless you’ve been in a media blackout you’ve probably heard a little bit about a muslim kid in Texas putting a clock in a suitcase and bringing it to school. It’s made national headlines because the kid was arrested due to the fact that the clock looks a lot like a bomb.

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Here are our reactions to this whole situation.

Bishop’s Take

When I first heard this I thought it was ridiculous for a kid to be arrested for such a reason, unlike our President however, I decided to withhold opinion until some semblance of fact came out.

Take a look at the picture to the left, that is what the muslim kid “made”, it looks like something a terrorist would use in any Hollywood movie or tv show, why wouldn’t the kid just put it in a cardboard box or screw it to a piece of wood? Honestly I’m not sure the intentions were pure here.

Aside from the fact that this to me clearly looks like an attempt to stir up controversy by making your clock look like a bomb, there is also the fact that it has been proven the kid didn’t actually make anything… He took a couple screws out of an old alarm clock and tossed the cuts into a hard case – real genius, this one. I wouldn’t comment on that except our president once again chose to take sides on an issue that he knew nothing about, undermining our police force and now our school system.

Obama Clock Tweet Muslim makes clock

Yes people, that is our President tweeting to the world praising a kid who was just arrested. Shouldn’t be a shock since obama has taken sides on virtually every issue where a minority has experienced some perceived discrimination. In true obama fashion he tweeted this without any actual knowledge of Ahmed or the clock he “made” (didn’t make). It’s interesting to find the nice news outlets like Al Jazeera sharing that tweet with praise, did you hear that terrorists? Obama just invited you to the white house!

We hear about schools overreacting all the time, never does the president get involved. How come he hasn’t invited any of the little white kindergartners who have been suspended for chewing their sandwiches into the shape of guns, or god forbid making a gun with their fingers? The reason is because it doesn’t fit obama’s quite clear narrative: “Screw whitey”, if people were to ask me why I have no respect for the president (and I have not one single ounce of respect for this man) it would be because of his repeated attempts at dividing the races and religions in this country. What kind of President does that? – Only a sorry excuse for a man…

Not everything is about race, sometimes it’s just about being stupid (or in the case of Ahmed his father probably put him up to this so he could sue and make whitey look bad), when I was in middle school I brought a shell casing in to school from a memorial day parade the day before. To us boys it was cool, I was in the boy scouts and after the 21 gun salute we all went out and picked up the shell casings. Anyone who isn’t a total moron knows a shell casing poses no threat to anyone, unfortunately kids and teachers are stupid, my shell casing I had brought in earned me a nice trip to the principal’s office for a good talking to… I have no doubt in my mind that with today’s climate in the school system, bringing a shell casing in would have resulted in my expulsion and or arrest ( I was like 12 years old though so maybe not arrest, I don’t know). The point of this tid-bit is that I’m a white guy and when I did something stupid the school reacted the same way they reacted with Ahmed, it has nothing to do with race!

Honestly, I’m done with this story. Ahmed will fade in to woodwork, he’s a stupid kid that did something not even remotely brilliant or scientific who got the praise of the President (not worth much anymore). He (like many) will go down in my book as a race-baiter, trying to get the country riled up about an injustice that didn’t occur.


Cleetus’ Take

This story is once again a clear example of what in God’s name are they teaching at the police academies?! I mean here’s a kid who builds a fucking clock that I suppose from a skewed perspective could look a little bit like a bomb. However, aren’t police supposed to be the most vigilant people? I mean they’re out there spotting crime earning our tax dollars, yet they waste time with this crap. Why do they even bother bringing handcuffs and strutting into a middle school trying to look like a badass G.I Joe. These aren’t crime fighters, they’re power hungry individuals looking for excuses to be authoritative! Now, okay the kid’s Muslim. But so what? He’s a kid in the American school system. It’s not like he’s in Iraq with this so called clock. Then sure I think there could be reasonable suspicion that maybe he could have some possible Al Queda ties. I’ve seen American Sniper and you can never be sure of anything over there. But this is American soil with a teenager who may not have even been to the middle east!

This reminds me of the hypothetical situation I thought of when we’re sitting in class with a police officer as the guest speaker and he goes, “okay everybody I’m gonna need all of you to empty your backpacks to inspect them for weapons”. I mean I suppose it is possible that someone could bring a bomb into school. It’s not impossible however it is extremely unlikely. But really what a waste of time for everyone! Now the police officer is gonna search through everybody’s bag “looking” for a bomb with no reasonable suspicion. And he could say, “Well you can never be too sure. You always have to be prepared.” But what a stupid thing to do. Now everybody has to open they’re bags and I’m sure there are drugs in them and the cop will arrest them for that. That’s what I don’t understand about search warrants. Legally you are entitled to decline a search of your property (i.e car, backpack, home). They cannot just walk into your stuff like its everybody’s business. However, with “reasonable suspiscion” they could just act fast and go through your shit without any real reason. This is the society we live in. No real reason for police action other than probable cause and your privacy is hindered.