President Obama Renames Mt. McKinley Because All World’s Problems Have Been Solved

Obama changes Mt Mckinley to Mt Denali


On August 30th, 2015 President Obama renamed North America’s highest peak (Mt. McKinley), Mt. Denali.


Bishop’s Opinion

In case you haven’t heard (or maybe you’re just too busy to care about something as stupid as this), President obama just made a trip out to Alaska to change Mt. McKinley to Mt. Denali, something nobody has called it for over 100 years. Why did obama do this you might ask? Isn’t it clear, obama has solved all the world’s issues!

Hunger no longer exists, there is no terrorism, no crime (that police officer who was just murdered in obama’s home town Chicago didn’t actually happen in obama’s world). It really is amazing how so much can change so quickly, last week our stock market was in free-fall (and today it was pretty bad too actually) but almost in an instant obama has fixed everything -I just don’t know how he does it, AND he still finds time to hit the links, the man can do it all.

This has been a terrible year for freedom. The liberal agenda has successfully rewritten history in many facets of our lives and they continue with the renaming of Mt. McKinley. Did you know that there was no civil war? Slavery… never existed. There is no such thing as man and woman, just it, (ze?). Pretty soon our school children will be taught about how Barack Washington single-handedly overthrew the bonds of tyrannical British rule with nothing but his cellphone and a pen.

Excuse the rant but this is getting ridiculous, whatever the official name on paper is, I like most people my age and older will continue calling Mt. McKinley, Mt. McKinley…. This name change will only serve to be an easy jeopardy question in a couple years: “In 2015, then President Obama renamed this tallest North American peak from it’s more commonly known name to a much lesser known and extremely vague name”. And also serve to confuse our school children when they talk to their parents about the great US Peak Mt. Denali (SMH)

Deep down we all know this is really a marketing ploy to help out obama championed Government Motors’ overpriced SUV the Yukon Denali.




Real reason obama changed mckinley to denali


Cleetus’ Opinion

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