The Transporter Refueled: Our Thoughts 7.5/10

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The Transporter Refueled is a movie released wide on September 4th, 2015 about an ex-special ops soldier who is now a driver for hire. He’s extremely skilled at his job and with a very strict set of rules always delivers the package.

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Bishop’s Review

“Way better than expected”

The Transporter Refueled is a reboot of the Transporter series. It makes no references to the prior series, but there are several similarities. The most obvious is the choice of car he drives. Firstly, an Audi S8, the same car Jason Statham drove in the last of his Transporter movies that is tricked out to be even more awesome than it is off the lot. The second main similarity is the Transporter’s character (and name, lol), Frank Martin is the name of the Transport in this reboot and the previous series, his character is also the same – strict set of rules and a strong code of honor. Like Jason Statham’s Transporter, Ed Skrein doesn’t use guns as his main form of offense/defense, he’s all about the martial arts. Really, this is a reboot of the series with a new Transporter and nothing more… It’s kind of like the James Bond series, plug and play changing only the main actor for whatever reason, if you liked the Jason Statham series you will like this one.

Now, in full disclosure. I went into the Transporter Refueled with zero expectations. I figured it would fit right in to the long list of B-Rate action movies I’ve seen recently, after all I knew none of these actors by name and other than the actor who had played Frank Sr. I had never seen any of them in anything either (though the lead actor looks like he could be related to Nicholas Hoult) so what was I to expect. All that being said I did enjoy the Transporter, it was all action, well cut sequences with great sound mixing and beautiful destinations (this movie takes place along the French Riviera and all I could think about during the pan across shots was “wow, that looks like Forza Horizon 2!”).

If you didn’t like the previous Transporter series you won’t like this one, the plot is that an ex-hooker (who was forced into the trade) wants to get revenge on her previous employer. She hires the Frank (The Transporter) to pick her and tow packages up, fitting with the rules she tells the Transporter nothing about the packages or why they need transport. Of course things go sideways when it turns out the packages were actually <SPOILER> other ex-hookers and they had all just robbed the bank of their ex employer </SPOILER>. I’ve always found it interesting that in both Transporter series, Frank has a strict set of rules and yet he breaks them all the time. He told the lady who hired him (Anna) that if the deal changed he drives away, yet the deal changed and he made note of it yet still went along with the previous agreement. They gave him a reason to do so by <SPOILER> kidnapping his father </SPOILER> but even so, if people know he is that easy to persuade, it makes him look very weak… It was the same thing in the old movies though, Frank had a strict set of rules but he frequently ignored them in favor of honor. This movie was different than the old series because the women he was Transporting were not victims, they were the ones in charge, planning everything and pretty much forcing Frank to cooperate.

There are only two things I really didn’t like in the Transporter, the first is that he often made things more complicated than they needed to be <SPOILER> when they were in the car there were several bad guys blocking their path (they were on foot), instead of just running them over he decided to get out of the car and take them all on by hand while his Audi followed him driving itself (which isn’t that unrealistic actually). </SPOILER> I understand why movies do this, they need to pump up the tension and add more action, but it’s stupid… It’s the same thing I say when in movies the bad guy gets away or almost gets away because they both decide to have a fist fight instead of the good guy (who has a gun) just shooting him in the face and being done with it.

The second thing I didn’t like about the Transporter Refueled (and again is a necessary in Hollywood movies) is that he’s driving an Audi S8 that has been supped up even further, yet there are still car chases between Ford Focus station wagons and Vauxhall Astra Diesels. To put that in perspective the Astra does 0-60 in somewhere between 8 seconds (best case) and 12 seconds, the Audi S8 Stock does 0-60 in 3.9 seconds (yes, you read that right), which makes the S8 twice as fast as any Astra in straight from the dealership, depending on any mods Frank did (we know he did lots of mods) this could even be faster. There is literally no situation that a police Astra Diesel or Ford Focus wagon could keep up with the Audi S8, even for a second. Like with the needless physical combat battles in movies I understand the need for car chases like this, without them this movie would have been very boring, it just sucks knowing that it isn’t even remotely plausible.

Bottom Line:

I liked this movie, I thought for sure I’d be able to come back here and write about a bad experience at the cinema, and give you all my first really negative review but I can’t… It was enjoyable, 1.5 hours of nonstop action, scantily clad women, and epic driving scenes. If you’re looking for a 100% popcorn flick that’s a fun time I’d highly recommend The Transporter Refueled, lots of suggestive situations may make it awkward for a parent taking their teen kid to however.


Cleetus’ Review

Warning: Contains Spoilers

The Transporter Refueled is a quality action flick that keeps you entertained mostly throughout the film. It’s pretty much just like the Jason Statham originals but with a younger main character who uses more hand to hand combat than using a gun. In fact, there were times where I don’t even know why he had a gun. He seemed to prefer beating the shit out of guys without the use of weapons. <SPOILER> There’s a scene where he goes into a night club to switch out a steam machine that puts out a toxic mist into the rave. And sure it’s always cool to see a guy smash another guy over the head with a thirty pound tank. But why not just shoot him? I guess maybe cause a gunshot would be heard by everyone in the building and you’d give away your location. <SPOILER> But then there’s a scene where he accidently goes into the wrong room at the wrong time as the club. There’s a couple of bad guys sitting around playing poker or whatever in a small room and Frank Martin has to take them on four on one. Now, I never understand these types of scenes cause it never seems realistic to me to believe that one guy (who’s not very big) could fight off four much bigger fellas at once (with no gun mind you). Why not just ambush him all at once? It’s a matter of physics that a 170 lb. guy wouldn’t be able to withstand the force of three or four +235 lb. men trying to tackle him at once. But hey, this is the same movie where he gets out of a moving car to fight bad guys by hand instead of just running them over with his car.

Another problem I had with the film’s realistic nature was a scene where he catches up to a plane in his Audi S8. Now I know sports cars are fast, but could it really catch up to an airplane on the runway? It’d have to be going about 200 mph just to be going the same speed. But considering that the car had to catch up to the plane the car would have to be going probably about 250 mph. And I know it’s a movie and not a physics tutorial but it was just an observation. And I’m not a car expert by any means. But can the engine and tires really withstand going that fast?

Overall, I enjoyed the film. I had very little expectations for it considering the lack of name recognition with the cast members. This was only Camille Delamarre’s second somewhat known project that he directed (Brick Mansions being the other). But he was an editor on Taken 2 and the Transporter 3. But I think this is the type of movie that production companies find consistent. They know their audience and what they’re going to expect. It’s a fast paced action with an English James Bond type running around killing bad guys. Simple formula. Not gonna wow you with Oscar worthy acting. But it keeps you entertained for an hour and a half.

Overall Rating: 7.5/10