Uber: Make Your Case

Uber Phone Make Your Case

Uber and the Taxi companies are set to do battle at the Massachusetts State House today. So we thought it was the perfect time to react to the whole Uber situation. I’ve got a feeling that Bishop’s opinion will be that of the minority… You decide.

Bishop’s Opinion


That statement pretty much sums it up. Uber doesn’t care at all about their customers.

Full Disclosure: I don’t use Uber regularly, I don’t use Taxis regularly either I can come about this as an objective bystander because I have no affiliation with one service or the other. There’s very little doubt that in the short run (assuming you don’t get raped, murdered or in a terrible accident caused by an inexperienced driver or shoddy equipment) Uber is better for the consumer, it provides cheap transportation while being extremely easy to use; However, I enjoy looking at the big picture and from a “big picture” standpoint Uber is terrible.

People are always complaining that Taxis are so much more expensive than Ubers, they think that Taxis charge more and bank these ridiculous profits while being ignorant to the fact that cabbies are forced to pay for medallions from the City/State that can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars (ignorance is bliss, right?), cabbies don’t want to pay this, they HAVE to pay this if they want to be a legal taxi service in many places. On top of the medallion cost legal Taxi services are forced to pay a lot for livery insurance, another thing that Uber drivers should have to pay and don’t.

My favorite part of this whole Uber craze is that many of the hipster idiot, anti-establishment morons who use the service think it’s sticking it to “The Man”, like it’s some sort of David and Goliath story… Wake up people, Uber is “The Man”, Uber IS Goliath… In 2014 Uber did over $2 billion in revenue, pocketing 20% of that in profit… You want to fight the corrupt system but all you’re doing is hurting the players who play by the rules.

The Uber world is fairly new, we aren’t seeing many accidents yet and the cars haven’t so much hit the used car market yet, when a rental car, taxi or other fleet vehicle shows up on the used market its previous life is known to the car buyer, you pretty much know not to buy one of those vehicles at anything close to what comparable are selling at because it will surely break down from years of hard driving and neglect, an Uber car is no different. There are countless articles and testimonials out there from people saying they bought cars specifically to use for Uber, so when these cars whose lives have spent only as livery vehicles go out on the used market without being reported as livery the only person who suffers is the used car buyer. This is the big picture stuff that the happy idiot often ignores.

Until recently Uber had a big time insurance issue, obviously an insurance company is not going to pay out if you crash your car while using it AS A TAXI if you don’t inform them of your profession beforehand. For the longest time Uber just said, so sad too bad, it left the driver, the passenger and any victim to fend for themselves. Now Uber does have some sort of insurance policy (Shady dealings really) that kicks in if a driver’s insurance won’t cover an accident. This does nothing to stop the fact that an Uber driver’s insurance will still probably drop them in the event of such an accident (and/or sue them for fraud because insurance companies now ask point blank if you’re an Uber driver).

I won’t even get into the possible threats of being raped, murdered or robbed by an Uber driver because I feel like the likelihood of such shouldn’t be much worse than a regular cabbie doing the same thing. The only argument I have there is that because of the low cost of entry to becoming an Uber driver versus a Taxi driver, it would be an excellent opportunity for someone looking to commit crimes to have their victims served up on a silver platter….

My final thought is: What happens when the Taxis are gone? It’s business 101, with competition prices drop; without competition, prices sky rocket (Hello Best Buy). If you all get your way and Uber kills off the Taxi services, what’s to say they don’t jack up their prices to Taxi rates or worse?

Go ahead, keep using Uber just know that you’re simply pawn in their very profitable game. I’m not usually for government regulation but I’m also not a huge fan of cheating… Uber is cheating.