Confrontation at Northern Arizona University leaves 1 Dead, 3 Injured: Reactions

Northern Arizona University Shooting


Early morning October 9th, 2015 a Northern Arizona University student was killed, and three others were injured by another student with a gun. Reports say that this occurred around 1:30AM local time after a fight between the suspect and four fraternity members. A Freshman NAU student is in custody and being held on $2 million bail.

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Bishop’s Reaction

Well this was certainly another example of the media trying to make more out of something that it really was. All over the place all you could see was “ANOTHER school shooting takes place” with cries from irrelevant celebrities calling for gun control. There was probably another comment from the peanut gallery (I mean our president) but I stopped listening to him ages ago so who knows… In reality, this was about as clear cut as could be, anyone with two working brain cells could tell that this was a shooting at a school, and not a school shooting, that is a very important distinction because this was not a case of a crazy man walking into a classroom and shooting the place up, this was a fight between a group of people that escalated to the point where one of them died.

In the coming weeks I’m sure we’ll find out more about this situation, the gunman claims he acted in self-defense. Depending on the place the shooting took place this very well could be the case. It is confirmed that it was a 1 on 4 fight, the gunman says the four frat boys chased him to his car at which point he pulled a gun on them. If that’s the case then self-defense is certainly logical, if the gunman grabbed his gun and then went looking for the four ‘victims’ then it’s probably murder.

I’m not really interested in discussing the outcome of the ensuing court battle, I’m more upset with the way the media is constantly trying to whip us all up in to a frenzy… I don’t know how much clearer I could be, THIS WAS NOT A SCHOOL SHOOTING.

Oh yea, this goes double for the Texas Southern University shooting that occurred on the same day. Again, this was a targeted thing and not a school shooting.