Dabo Swinney Censored by ABC/ESPN for Thanking the Lord

After Saturday Night’s win over Notre Dame, Clemson Tigers’ coach Dabo Swinney was in the middle of his post game speech when he thanked the Lord, and was promptly taken off air for a moment. It seems the media is so scared of people even acknowledging god that they have now resorted to censoring them.

See below:

I can’t wait to hear ABC’s excuse for this, I’m sure it will be “Weather difficulties” or “Program overrun” or some other nonsense. I do certainly believe this was intentional. Just shows how spineless and disgraceful ESPN and ABC are.

To be clear, I’m not a very religious man. By most standards I’m not religious at all, I believe in a higher power because we still can’t explain what started it all… I’d also like to think we get to relax in heaven after this life of hard work is over, but even so I attend church (like most good Catholics) on pretty much Christmas and Easter exclusively.

We live in a country where one is no longer allowed to express their opinion if it doesn’t fit the progressive agenda. If you’re gay -no problem, go ahead and kiss on live TV, hate America and want to go on a ridiculous rant stating as such? – no problem! But if you have a traditional view about anything, you’d better watch out. The vocal MINORITY is here and they’re going to make everyone else suffer to get what they want.

For Shame.



This is a quite bizarre situation. It makes me wonder if this was one individual who cut the camera off at the moment where Dabo Swinney starts thanking God. I find it hard to fathom that ESPN executives got together and all decided at that split second to say, “we gotta cut this guy off before he says anything else about praising Jesus”. I mean we are talking about the same network that glorified Tim Tebow for almost five years. All he does is that God. The rare times that he does make a nice throw he thanks God for it. It wasn’t his throwing accuracy or improvement from hours of practice. It was because he prayed to throw a nice ball before the game. Every press conference he rants about Jesus and how he owes it all to him. I never saw ESPN cut away from one of his press conferences.

So to me, this comes down to one individual, whether it be that guy at the control board in a small van outside the stadium. Or maybe it was somebody else, I don’t know. It didn’t look like it was the camera man as he was on the shot for the whole time. Whoever it was, I think they were acting alone.