Ethan Couch (Affluenza Teen) Awaits Extradition in Mexico

Affluenza Teen booking photo

Credit: Jalisco State Prosecutor’s Office

After allegedly violating his probation (the light punishment he stunningly received for killing four people while drunk driving) Ethan Couch commonly referred to as ‘Affluenza Teen’ fled the US to Mexico where he and his mother had been hiding out for weeks.

After authorities finally caught up with the two Couch is awaiting extradition to the United States where he will face up to 120 days in jail for violating his probation, but things have been delayed and it might take up to two months for Ethan to even be returned to the US for sentencing.

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Bishop’s Reaction:

This whole thing is ridiculous. Ethan Couch was under 21 years old (still is) when he killed four people while driving drunk. His lawyer invoked some wacky (insane) defense that because he grew up coddled in a wealthy family he shouldn’t face the consequences for ending the lives of four innocent people. Don’t hate me but I grew up in a well off family, yet neither I nor my brother have committed any crimes worse than casual speeding. This ‘affluenza defense’ is total bull shit. Unfortunately, the judge presiding accepted this ridiculous defense and gave Ethan probation, one of terms of his probation was that he can’t drink – He’s under 21 so yea that’s really some punishment….

 Even getting such a light penalty (not a penalty at all) for killing four people – the brat was spotted consuming alcohol, which is a direct violation of his probation. Instead of accepting the consequences (given his history why would we expect him to) he flees to Mexico (might be the first person to ever sneak into Mexico).

Now that he is caught, Ethan faces up to 120 days in jail. 120 DAYS!!!! for violating the probation he got for KILLING FOUR PEOPLE. If ever there was an example of a broken justice system, this would be it.

Don’t know what it is but it seems that more often than not we’re hearing about ridiculously f*cked up legal stories coming out of Texas. Used to think it might be a good place to live but now I’m convinced that it is the most backward state in the country. A mix of the far right and far left yet neither seem to challenge each-other, they both just do exactly what they want so instead of getting a healthy middle ground you get extremes for everything.

The US is hell bent on getting Ethan and his mother back to the US to be punished for violating probation (and his mother for aiding a fugitive). If you’re just going to give Ethan another slap on the wrist equal to 120 days in prison you might as well just force them to stay in Mexico, would be a far worse punishment than 120 days in jail.

Nothing to do with this whole situation but shake my head in disapproval.

Cleetus’ Reaction

Wow, go figure the Texas judicial system. Twenty years in jail for an ounce of pot and four months in jail for manslaughter…..dafuq?! Welcome to Texas where homosexuals are cursed by the devil and men wearing white hooded outfits are your traditional friendly neighbors next door. I don’t get this shit.

I mean much like Bishop, I grew up in a very affluent family. Now my parents weren’t the best parents in the world but I am grateful that I never had to worry about going hungry or having a roof over my head growing up or even gas and maintenance for my car. But I hate to say it, but if you’re too stupid to go drunk driving and this shit happens…….your fucked. That’s just the way it is. Yeah he’s a kid and kids make stupid decisions, I know I did growing up. But what’s with the judicial system stating that until he’s tried in juvenile court this will always be a juvenile case? Even if he was on the run for another ten or fifteen years and he’s in his thirties when he gets tried, he’s still a juvenile in their system.

How do they figure that 120 days in jail is enough of a punishment for manslaughter. Now if he had committed this very same criminal act when he was 19 he would be serving (I would imagine) 25+ years in prison for the very same crime.

I don’t get this punishment at all. Completely underwhelming.