Breaking News: Donald Trump Announces Running Mate

Donald Trump announces running mate


With the recent endorsement from Sarah Palin many have been speculating that Donald Trump will pick the former presidential candidate to be his running mate should he win the nomination in 2016.

In true Trump fashion, the GOP front-runner put an end to the speculation immediately. In an impromptu press conference on Friday, Trump announced that his running mate (if chosen as the nominee) would be none other than Ronald J. Trump who turns out to be a clone of Donald. In front of a room full of stunned reporters Trump said “There is only one person who I trust to run the country if something should happen to me, and since I can’t be both President and Vice President (we checked, he can’t) the next logical step was to clone myself and pick him as my running mate.”

When reporters pressed about his clone’s eligibility to be his Vice President, Donald hardly hesitated “Look, you’ve got this Ted Cruz character trying to be president who wasn’t even born in the US, the man was a citizen of Canada until only a couple years ago. Ronald has been a patriotic American all his life and when you’ve got hair like that, who’s going to question it? We’re gonna make America great again!”

Whether or not this bold move wins over more supporters remains to be seen but Trump isn’t worried “By myself I have 40% of republican support, with Ronald on the ticket we expect that number to double, it’s going to be huge!”

Since the announcement, Trump has jumped 10 points in a national poll.