Breaking: Superman Blamed for Sonic Booms in Eastern US

Superman blamed for sonic boom in eastern usOn January 26th, 2016 people around Charleston, SC reported hearing and feeling what they thought was an earthquake, two days later in New Jersey people reported the same thing. Instead of an earthquake, the rumble turned out to be a sonic boom; with no planned military drills in the area and no civilian aircraft capable of reaching supersonic speeds, everyone was left confused as to what could have caused these sonic booms.

In a stunning development, the FAA has cited Superman for breaking the sound barrier while flying over inhabited land.

A sonic boom is created when an object flies faster than the speed of sound and can be felt up to 25 miles away from the flying object. Supersonic flight over populated land has been banned in the United States since 1970.

When The Daily Planet’s Lois Lane caught up with the Man of Steel for a comment regarding the violation, Superman had only this to say “There are no flight restrictions on evil” adding that he would do his best to “not inconvenience the good people of Earth while he works tirelessly to protect them from danger in the future.”

We reached out to Tony Stark for an explanation on how his Iron Man suit can fly at supersonic speeds without producing a sonic boom but have yet to receive a response.