Facebook to Implement “Your Future” Feature

Facebook to implement "Your Future" featureFollowing the warm reception to its “Your Memories” feature, Facebook plans to implement a “Your Future” feature.

The “Your Memories” feature resurrects Facebook users’ past posts for a trip down memory lane, while the “Your Future” feature will show posts from your future self on Facebook.

When asked about the legitimacy of the project (code-named Predictamatron) someone close to the development said “we finally have the data!” After years of getting to know its users the social media giant believes it “finally knows you better than you know yourself”. Some of the things the feature is said to predict include whether you’ll lose your job or get a promotion and even the groceries you’ll have bought a few years in the future.

While skeptical of the feature’s accuracy, tech journalists and social media icons alike are excited to use the new feature remarking “What a relief it is to finally have a road-map of my future. It really takes the guess work out of life”

Though initial reports are unconfirmed, rumors are swirling that the feature will be accessible through Facebook’s own Oculus Rift technology so users can experience their future to the fullest.

This post is satire