Deadpool – Movie Review

Deadpool Movie Review Poster“A former Special Forces operative turned mercenary is subjected to a rogue experiment that leaves him with accelerated healing powers, adopting the alter ego Deadpool.” – From


NOTE: Please don’t take your kids to see Deadpool. There is literally NO PART of this movie that is suitable for kids, it is raunchy, features many sexual situations, has tons of strong language, and is very gory, it’s rated “R” for a reason. Kids are already f*cked up enough as it is, please don’t make them more so by being an irresponsible parent. 

Bishop’s Review – 9/10:

I didn’t know much about Deadpool before the trailers for this movie came out. I knew of Wade Wilson form X-Men Origins: Wolverine (also played by Ryan Reynolds) who was much the same character as he is in Deadpool (though a little less “R” Rated) a big mouthed pompous swordsman. In Wolverine he was turned in to Weapon Eleven with powers from many different X-Men. I assume they just ignore Wilson’s part in that movie (though they alluded to it in the movie) because Deadpool is definitely not Weapon Eleven.

Deadpool is a different kind of superhero movie, like the warning says, this movie is very raunchy and violent, not like most of (all except Guardians of the Galaxy) of the other Marvel movies. It was refreshing to see a Marvel superhero movie that wasn’t aimed squarely at young kids, perhaps this is because Deadpool was made by Fox and not Disney? In addition to its “R” Rating, Deadpool was different because Ryan Reynolds frequently broke the “4th wall” and referenced to him being in a movie. There were plenty of gag jokes in Deadpool, for instance <spoiler>when he’s removing his mask for the first time to his girlfriend Vanessa after being disfigured he had taped a magazine clipping of Hugh Jackman’s face to his own</spoiler>, or any of the jokes made regarding Deadpool’s disfigurement.

Deadpool was extremely violent and gory, several of his enemies were decapitated or dismembered by the super hero and they showed all of it with brain matter splattering out, etc… In addition to the expected violence there was also expected strong language, lots of swearing and foul language. What I didn’t expect was the frequency of strong sexual situations. <spoiler> during a flash back there is a sex montage honoring all the holidays there is even a scene alludes to Wade Wilson being… pegged – is that the word? … by his girlfriend in honor of International Women’s Day. This is all fine content for adults (unless you’re a prude) but I really can’t stress this enough, this isn’t for kids…

I love origin stories and this one is good, the origin story part is told by alternating flashbacks with present day. I liked this method of storytelling because it made for action throughout but I disliked this method because it took the mystery out of the origin (the movie starts with Deadpool kicking ass in an SUV that is flipping over). If there is one thing the Deadpool movie is not, it’s formulaic, they made sure as much of this movie was unique as could be, the opening credits didn’t even feature the actors’ and producers’ names, rather referred to them as “overpaid tools” or “God’s favorite idiot”, which resulted in lots of laughter from those of us who could read.

Like I said at the beginning of my review, I didn’t know much (anything really) about Deadpool before this movie, which is a good thing because it allows me to like the movie for what it is. I’m sure there are some people who might say “That’s not who Deadpool is supposed to be” but I’m not one of them. I’m giving Deadpool a 9 out of 10, it’s a must see if you like action comedies. With a budget of under 60 million dollars and an all but assured February opening record and possibly even the chance to become the highest grossing “R” Rated movie of all time I certainly expect Deadpool to get a sequel and I really can’t wait!


Cleetus’ Review – 8.5/10

Deadpool was the perfect film for Valentine’s Day. Whether you may be a bitter sport about V-Day or if you have an arrangement with an escort scheduled to meet you at an AMC followed by some buffalo wings at the 99 and some light salad tossing in a nearby motel, this is the film for you! Bishop’s absolutely right though, do not take your kids to see this film!

It had a lot of elements that reminded me of Fight Club with Wade Wilson (played by Ryan Reynolds) and Vanessa (played by Morena Baccarin) as Tyler and Marla. Wade is Mr. Too-Cool-For-School who rebels against others perhaps due to unresolved issues with his mother. <spoiler> I found it interesting that when he is too scared to go home to Vanessa due to his mis-figured appearance that he goes to live with an elderly black woman who happens to be blind as well. Oh yeah, and a cocaine addict.

The reality is that this guy is so ashamed of himself that he’s willing to live with a female coked out Stevie Wonder instead of going home or somewhere else to live. Vanessa depicts an equally sad life. She’s a stripper who fucks Wade senseless while they’re each trying desperately to seek approval from the opposite sex. Somehow he ends up getting cancer, although this is highly unrealistic considering Reynolds low body fat percentage. But so is being able to regenerate a broken hand being only attached by a single ligament, let alone not attached to a single capillary to carry blood supply.

Nonetheless, this was by far the most brilliant fighting choreography I have seen in a long time. The movie also stars Ed Skrein (who you may recognize from The Transporter Refueled). He spars like an ostrich in a chicken pen. His jabs have more precision and fluidity than a Titleist golf ball sailing through a crisp autumn breeze. He and Reynolds bring the sizzle to that chop suey dish in the form of krav maga mixed with MMA technique that Rex Kwondo would be proud of. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind training the two in his class along with Kip and Napoleon. Vanessa also adds that complimentary soy sauce with the chops that she’s got as well.

Again, don’t take your kids to see this film! Unless you want them to be spoiled brats who work the night shift at Chik-Fil-A while stockpiling various Dove and Aveeno products to keep in their drawers keeping themselves preoccupied at night while watching reruns of Cheers. We’ve all gone through that infantile stage, but enough is enough when you hit twenty-three!