It’s Time to Caucus!

Iowa Caucus


It’s that time folks – Iowa Caucus time! When people everywhere ask the important questions. Questions such as “Where is Iowa?” and “Is Iowa a state?”

Once every four years the state of Iowa becomes relevant (for no reason at all). The whole country is focused on a bunch of hicks who have spent the last few weeks being wined and dined by some politicians who quite clearly couldn’t care less about the state. The caucus participants get to see which politian’s empty promises seem the most enticing.

Though many caucus goers have participated multiple times, it’s pretty clear that not everyone is really fit to vote. While watching some of the weekend coverage my favorite quote definitely had to be from one of the expert caucus participants who stated they were supporting Bernie Sanders instead of Hillary “because of big establishment or something” (No that’s not a joke, they really did say “or something”).

The Iowa caucus is looked upon as the first political stress test for a presidential campaign. If you do poorly here you might as well hang up the campaign banners and burn the posters as your journey ends here. The republican process is pretty cut and dry, caucus-goers assemble and vote on paper ballots which are then tallied up to declare a winner. The democrats have a much more stupid process, instead of ballots they form groups at each location and those without 15% support have to settle for another group… At least with the Democrat’s process you know your vote really doesn’t matter if you’re in the minority.

These are exciting times people. For one day in four years, Iowa matters to someone, we’re not sure why they matter and why anyone cares what these bumpkins think but there you have it. Don’t miss out, grab the popcorn and tune in to the coverage¬†this Monday¬†on any of your cable news channels, I’m sure there will be plenty of exquisite soundbites from hilariously misinformed caucus-goers.

Bring it on!