FBI Cracks San Bernadino Terrorist’s Phone without Apple’s Help

FBI Hacks San Bernadino Terrorist's iphoneSo, after a couple months of the FBI and Apple battling in and out of the courts it seems the FBI has finally gained access to the San Bernadino terrorist’s phone without Apple’s help. A phone, I might add that was not owned by the terrorist, but instead owned by the county. Apple should never have fought this request, if it is not your phone, not your plan then you have no right to privacy with regards to the person paying the bill.

Read More on the Facts: http://news.yahoo.com/justice-department-cracks-iphone-withdraws-220719890.html

I understand Apple’s lack of desire to provide the government with a “key” to access the phone but sometimes there are more important things than protecting the privacy of a terrorist. Apple should have submitted to the FBI’s request without making a big deal of it, nobody would have known or cared and Tim Cook wouldn’t have come out of this looking like a fool. Again, the San Bernadino TERRORIST did NOT own this phone, he had no claims to privacy with regards to it.

The FBI tried to go about this in the ‘professional’ way, with handshakes and a by-the-books approach but Apple wasn’t having it, instead they insisted that it would take eons to unlock their phone (oops). Well apparently their bullet-proof, military grade protection wasn’t all it was cracked up to be (did anyone other than iSheep think otherwise?). Most of us when we first heard this story, figured that the government was just trying to gain access the “right” way and that realistically someone at the FBI could crack the security, hell I’d bet there are dozens of teenage hackers that are up to the task…

I guess my point here is that Apple comes out of this with egg on their face, they didn’t cooperate with the government AND their phone ended up spilling the beans anyways, lose-lose for Tim Cook and Apple.

What are your thoughts?