The Angry Birds Movie: Our Thoughts

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Find out why the birds are so angry. When an island populated by happy, flightless birds is visited by mysterious green piggies, it’s up to three unlikely outcasts – Red, Chuck and Bomb – to figure out what the pigs are up to. – Synopsis from

Bishop’s Review (9/10)

If you know anyone with a smartphone you’ve probably at least heard of Angry Birds, a phone game that basically took over several years ago. If you were surprised that they found a way to make a movie about Angry Birds, you’re not alone… When I first heard they were making an Angry Birds movie I scoffed at the idea. Almost as ridiculous as making a movie based on Battleship…

Unlike Battleship they incorporated a whole lot of the game into the movie. The enemies were the same, the birds were the same and we get to see why it’s called “Angry Birds“. I also had no idea that the birds in the game (and the movie) were not able to fly. Makes sense, considering we always needed to use a sling shot to get them across the screen…

Honestly, if you like animated movies I think you’ll like Angry Birds. I hadn’t played the game in years before this came out and even so I wasn’t really a big fan (I don’t play very many phone games). Despite these things I still enjoyed The Angry Birds Movie, the characters were well thought out and the acting was great. Jason Sudakis does a good job as “Red” the perpetually angry main character, his monotonous sarcastic attitude is always fun to watch and it’s perfect for his character. Jason Gad and Danny McBride also do a great job as the supporting cast in this one, playing “Chuck” (The fast yellow bird), who’s very hyper annoying and “Bomb” (the big black bird that explodes), who isn’t the brightest light respectively.

The music in The Angry Birds Movie is pretty great, they touch on a lot of classic rock and even some disco – it’s a fun time. Of course, like most modern animated films, the graphics are crisp and colorful, HD all the way baby!

Our theater was full of kids which was actually kinda surprising, given the game was released for people who are now in their twenties. There wasn’t anything bad in the movie that isn’t safe for young kids but I honestly think adults will enjoy the humor more, we sure did.

If you’re up for some laughs, a good soundtrack and lots of pretty colors I definitely recommend you go see The Angry Birds Movie9/10


Cleetus’ Review: 8.5/10

Now, I must say that before I saw this movie I initially thought it was about the phone game Flappy Bird. They even start the movie out where he’s trying like hell to get himself in the air and it reminded me of Flappy Bird when I would button-mash to get that peacock up and flying. However, I did enjoy this movie thoroughly! I wasn’t even in a particularly good mood at the time I saw it (baby momma number three is complaining that I ain’t giving her enough sex, then baby momma number nine calls to say I don’t give her enough child support each month). Bitch please can a man take a night out on the town for once and see a PG-rated movie without the shackle and anchor tagging along!

Anyways, I felt like this was an upbeat movie that had a lot of “lessons” that we like to teach our kids. About how even if you can’t fly you use your brain to find a way to get yourself up into the air. It’s a nice metaphor and I get all that! But I kept wondering to myself why can’t they fly?! I thought maybe cause they all so close together on one small island that no one really needs to fly anywhere. But I don’t know.

I also liked how Mighty Eagle was like every other has been that wants to coast off. I think they should have had Jon Gries who played Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite do the voice of him instead of Peter Dinklage. His character spent decades with delusional nostalgia and I think he could have brought that to Mighty Eagle’s character. <spoiler> I thought it was funny how in the end of the film they have a statue of him as the lone hero and Red and everybody else are on their knees praying to him. Anyways, it was a very good film. Don’t listen to the IMDB critic review of a 6.5/10. This was much better than that!