Why did they choose to go WWI for Battlefield 1?

Well, May 6th came and went, all the hype and build up and quite frankly I was giddy with anticipation¬†on Friday morning waiting to learn of the new Battlefield game. Sadly, that feeling didn’t last the whole day, unfortunately DICE and EA decided to dial the time period all the way back to WWI in the game they titled Battlefield 1 (taking after Xbox I see).

I know I’m in the minority here, if you look at all the facebook comments everyone keeps saying “Thank you for listening to fans!” and “RIP COD”. In the months leading up to the announcement trailer I didn’t see one person ask for a World War I shooter, in fact many of us were vehemently against the notion. World War I will be extremely boring for an FPS. We were open to another World War II shooter but never wanted World War I and I still don’t.

I’ve played every Battlefield game extensively (excluding Hardline) and we’ve grown accustomed to a modern (not futuristic) setting with dozens of guns and vehicles and hundreds of attachments. I’ve dropped 500 hours in BF4 and am still able to unlock attachments, how can DICE expect to keep people that motivated to continue playing the game when the variety simply isn’t there?why did they make Battlefield 1 WWI?

I’m sure the graphics will be fantastic and the game-play will be acceptable for Battlefield fans (COD fans will still have trouble adapting I’m sure) but honestly, I’ll be damned if I’m going to play a video game where I ride a fucking horse into battle. Sorry DICE, but I’ll be sitting this one out (Forza Horizon 3 will probably be out anyways), waiting anxiously for the next installment in the series, maybe you’ll do what the fans actually wanted and release Bad Company 3.