It’s Okay That Donald Trump Still Works At His Company

This past week, the media and a bunch of democrats were annoyed when Donald Trump made a visit to Scotland to open a new golf resort under his company’s brand. I’m not sure what the reason for the objection was but people were mad that he was conducting business while running for president…

Donald Trump visits Scotland

Let’s think about that for a second, you’re mad about someone who just spent 50 million of his own dollars taking a slight break from campaigning to open a golf course… Trump is not the president yet, he’s not an elected official and he currently owes no voter anything.

What people should really be focused on is when sitting politicians decide to run for president, they basically leave their taxpayer supported job to pursue a different job while still collecting a paycheck… Where is the outrage when Bernie Sanders (a sitting senator from Vermont) takes a whole year to run for the Democratic nominee, staying in months after he had no chance at winning? Bernie had an obligation to the people of Vermont and the people of this country, yet nobody seems to care when he and other politicians just up and leave to run for president.

This issue of sitting politicians running for president is not a recent occurrence, nor is it unique to democrats. Back in 2004, John Kerry made it all the way to November – while he was a sitting US Senator – and when he lost, he went back to being a senator. This year on the republican side you had Chris Christie, Rand Paul and John Kasich that did the same… What the f*ck!

I don’t know about you but I’m pretty sure my employer would not let me skip work for a year to try and find a better job… Why do politicians get special treatment?

I do think Trump should step down from his position in his company when he’s elected president however; I think being president is a full time job, especially with the amount of stuff he’ll have to fix after obama’s 8 years. I know that people think current presidents and other politicians don’t do side┬ájobs while in office but I’ve already disproven that notion for senators and governors, now let’s look at the good ‘ol potus himself. While President, obama has attended countless fund raising efforts for his party, that IS NOT a presidential duty, nor is it a job he did “for the people” it’s a job he’s done for himself and for his party, it is ABSOLUTELY a side job.

I would be extremely mad if Trump continued to work for his company (or do other side jobs) after he’s elected, the same way I’m pissed at obama for doing it and the same way I’d be pissed at Hillary for doing it; but until Trump is president I don’t have a problem with it at all, he doesn’t owe anyone anything yet, if he can balance a full slate of chores and get still get elected then so be it. Let’s not forget, while in Scotland Trump even made a campaign speech heard around the world, he’s still focused on winning this election.