Democrats Boycott President’s Day Sales – 2017

They say 2017 is the year of the protest, it’s turning out to be the year of the boycott as well.

Adding to a long line of Anti-Trump protests, a small faction of the Democrats decided it’s simply not good enough to boycott stores where the Ivanka Trump clothing line or the various licensed brands that bear the Trump name are sold, these Democrats have decided to boycott any store that uses today’s President’s Day holiday as a reason to have a sale.

Democrats Boycott President's Day Sales

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We caught up with a few of the protesters picketing a local Pontiac dealership advertising deep President’s Day discounts on their Aztec model to see what made them decide to boycott places offering President’s Day sales. Sarah Steinberg of Falmouth, Maine had this to say “Drumpf is not my President. He wants Syrian babies┬áto die in a war that he started when we should be welcoming them to OUR country. Any company that supports what Drumpf does by having a President’s Day sale is an enemy of morality”. While we’re not sure what war Sarah thinks President Trump has started after being in office for only a month, her conviction is clear and unwavering like many of the protesters we spoke to.

We caught up with David Johnson of South Kingstown, Rhode Island while protesting outside a Circuit City electronics store who kept it short and to the point “He [President Trump] lost the popular vote by 30 million votes, when you look at the numbers only 5% of the population actually voted for Trump. ┬áHe shouldn’t be honored with corporate sales in his honor”. Mr. Johnson brought up a good point with regards to the popular vote, his figures were off by a little (Trump lost the popular vote by roughly 3 million votes, and of registered voters, more than 25% voted for Trump) but Trump did lose in that category.

We’re not sure boycotting stores that have President’s Day sales makes a lot of sense, especially since the holiday was officially declared to honor George Washington’s birthday, but one thing is for sure. There is a lot of passion in the Democratic party when it comes to voicing dissatisfaction with the Commander In Chief.