About Us

Twopinions.com is an opinion site created to react to the world’s current events in addition to politics, movies and whatever else we feel.


Our content may not be appropriate for all ages, though we won’t show nudity or pornographic content our website may include:

  • Adult Language
  • References to lewd situations
  • Controversial opinions

Twopinions.com will never censor its writers to be determined “politically correct”, that being said many of our authors’ opinions are shrouded in layers of hyperbole to drive the point home.¬†Though it’s hard to convey sarcasm via written word, I assure you there is plenty of it on Twopinions.com

Currently we have two authors providing different takes to most stories (an author can choose to write a piece without a secondary reaction), but we will be adding more authors as the site grows to obtain more varied viewpoints from different perspectives.

The site is designed to showcase outlandish opinions if need be, these are all opinions and should not be taken as fact.

Our authors’ opinions may not reflect the express opinion of Twopinions.com

Thanks for visiting, hope you enjoy the site!