Here you will find some fun somewhat ridiculous stories that might not be too hard to believe.

These ‘articles’ are not true.

Donald Trump announces running mate
  With the recent endorsement from Sarah Palin many have been speculating that Donald Trump will pick the former presidential candidate to be his running mate should he win the nomination in 2016. In true Trump fashion, the GOP front-runner put an end to the speculation immediately. In an impromptu […]

Breaking News: Donald Trump Announces Running Mate

Bernie Sanders wants to tax lottery at 110%
With the PowerBall Jackpot reaching staggering, record-breaking numbers (currently $1.5 Billion), many have been trying to figure out what they’d pay in taxes if they won the big prize. When you factor in state taxes and donation exemptions the whole thing becomes pretty confusing, figure after taxes on the lump sum you’d […]

Bernie Sanders Would Tax Lottery Winners at 110%